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The Movemate and various other products offered by Movemate have proven themselves as very useful tools as many Facilities Managers have told us with comments like;

Get yourself a Movemate Cabinet Mover and you'll never look back!

Innovation: Movemate are dedicated to creating a total package of innovative products in response to the needs of Facilities
Managers, Movemate can design and manufacture products for all applications of manual handling, protection and storage...

An example of this is the Movemate 360 Cabinet Mover which has been specifically designed for use with a new generation of storage cabinet. Created to fit directly into the front of your cabinet base unit, the Movemate 360 eliminates the need for manual handling and allows you to easily lift and relocate your cabinets. This system gives greater flexibility with minimum effort and disruption.


Movemate specialise in the supply of material handling equipment for use within the office environment. Whether you are moving cabinets or a whole office, we can supply all the right equipment for the job. Our Movemate cabinet movers have proved themselves time and time again to be the most effective tool available when carrying out an office move. All your needs for office churn under one roof.

Office moves can often be a major headache for all companies who need to reorganise their workforce with the minimum
downtime, the biggest drain on time and resources come from moving large quantities of filing cabinets and their contents.

The need to move cabinets quickly and efficiently can significantly improve the overall time taken, which is why many companies these days use the Movemate cabinet mover. Movemate lifts have come into their own as being the solution to this age old problem... The MOVEMATE is designed to easily lift and relocate fully loaded cabinets.

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